Steven Barrow

Steven Barrow ( Email )

Head Strategist: G10
United Kingdom

Steven Barrow has worked as a currency and fixed income strategist in the financial markets for the past 29 years. For much of this time he has worked as the head of currency strategy at Chemical Bank/Chase Manhattan Bank (1986-1996) and, more recently, at Bear Stearns (1997-2008) where he was Chief Global Currency Strategist. He writes and appears regularly in the media. Television interviews take place with CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, the BBC and others. In the written press he writes regularly for the Financial Times and is widely quoted in other publications such as the Wall Street Journal and International Herald Tribune amongst others. At Standard Bank Steve takes the title of 'Head of G10 Strategy' although he has extensive knowledge of emerging markets as well, attempting to take a 'top-down' view of the global economy and global markets. Steve Graduated from the Universities of Salford and York with a BSc and MSc (respectively) in economics.